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Why a magazine?


Because it does not exist. Have you ever wondered why we have wheels on suitcases? Many inventions were developed out of frustration. Wheels were added to suitcases in 1970s because people were tired of carrying heavy suitcases.

In fact, inventors or innovators do not just wake up and say, “What shall I invent today?” They are actually thinking “this pisses me off and there has to be a better way.” Yes, they are problem solvers. The NP profession has come a long way but there is still room for innovation and growth. Instead of joining the NP Complainers Alliance, I felt I should do something. So here I am today, being the change I want to see. Yes, a magazine for NP students is in the works because it is time for it to exist!

Join me in being the change you want to see. Email me at editor@npstudentmagazine.com if you are interested in being a contributor or advertising.

Patrice Faye Little, MSN, FNP-BC



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