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What goes into a publication?


Way more than I expected. Of course, I knew it would take great work but the intricacies took patience. Coming from a science background, a literary project was a learning curve. Somehow I knew that any project greater than me is for the purpose of serving others, and that I am not crazy but full of faith to push forward. As you begin your journey as a NP student, you will make many adjustments in life to achieve your goal.  Begin your journey accepting that people will say “you are doing too much” “Does it take all that?” “Won’t you make the same amount of money working as an RN.”  Their comments are all rubbish! Overtime, NPs make much more money working smarter and not harder.  But that is not the point.  Have faith, do you and all will be well. Always remember the words of Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog,

I’m almost there
People down here think I’m crazy but I don’t care
Trials and tribulations have had my share
There ain’t nothing gonna stop me now cause I’m almost there!

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