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Nursing with Intention

Nursing with Intention is a health equity initiative that seeks to promote racial-cultural congruency in the one nurse at a time. We work to reform cultural competency training in nursing education, leadership, and care delivered to Black, Asian, and minority patients. The Nursing with Intention is guided by the racial-cultural congruency continuum (Little, 2020) to encourage ongoing conversations in the heartbeat of healthcare.


Commit to the pledge.


Start with the continuing education course designed for nurses to learn in a safe space.

Engage in monthly webinar discussions about racially conscious books and films.

Please note that the webinars also serve as a support group for nurses to share their experience and receive validation.


Continue the conversation and educate your practice, community and/or institution about the impact of racial discrimination on health outcomes.



MOVIE: Selma

September 1st, 2020 | 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)

Photo: Dr. Patrice Faye Little
Dr. Patrice Faye Little - Discussion Moderator
Photo: Carole Bennett, PhD, RN
Carole Bennett, PhD, RN - Discussion Moderator
Photo: Crystal Carithers, MSN, RN
Crystal Carithers, MSN, RN - Discussion Moderator

Want to be an ambassador or facilitate a monthly webinar?
Email: nursingwithintention@gmail.com for details.