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Meet the Best of NP Student Magazine 2020

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Meet the Best of NP Student Magazine 2020


All year long our team and readers have tuned into some liberating podcasts, inspirational books, and attended workshops that enhance the lives and training of NP students. The individuals and resources that were chosen for 2020 represented the best of what our nation had to offer nurse practitioner students; often leading in business, lifestyle, innovation. Selection was based on student and/or team reviews of your concept, content creativity, and value to NP practice. 

Ben & Tom the hosts of Just Some Podcast

Just Some Podcast, created by Tom and Ben in September 2018, was awarded the “Best of” gold badge. Tom and Ben are based in Kansas and Ohio. They began the show directed at Advanced Practice Providers, and strive to be like a conversation in the break room that instills education through discussion. Over the last two years, their show has been downloaded in 50 states, 64 countries, on all 7 continents. They were also recently approved to begin offering CNE (continuing nursing education) through the Kansas States Nursing Board for their shows. Their biggest challenge for 2020 was tackling the large amount of misinformation about COVID-19 on their show. In order to properly address this, were able to pivot and began doing Facebook live videos, where their viewers were able to answer questions and get answers based on the latest evidence-based research.

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @justsomepodcast.

Shondra Brown, FNP

Meet Shondra Brown a Family Nurse Practitioner in a sub-acute rehabilitation facility in Buffalo, New York and author of The Black Professional’s Guide: How to Navigate White Privilege in the Workplace. Shondra started her nursing career working in a sexual health clinic where she provided valuable information on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Hepatitis C testing, and HIV testing. While she was working there, she had a negative experience which prompted her to write her book. She was awarded “Ones to Watch” silver badge. Her book has crossed racial barriers as to it provides valuable lessons to anyone working in the healthcare industry. Her book has an impressive 4.9 star review average on Amazon. Her biggest challenge of 2020 was switching positions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but was able to shift by meditating and journaling. In her spare time, Shondra enjoys writing poetry and spending time with her family.

You can find Shondra on instagram @shondra_the_writer and on Facebook Shondra J Brown.

Nadia Santana, DNP, FNP-BC

Meet the author of The Ultimate Nurse Practitioner Guidebook, Dr. Nadia Santana from New York. Nadia was awarded the “Best of 2020” gold badge for her timeless book designed for those interested in NP school or currently practicing in the profession. This guidebook offers a plethora of information, from deciding where to go to school, to finding your first job, to an appendix full of resources. Her book has a stellar average rating of 4.7 stars. Dr. Santana is currently practicing as a nurse practitioner studying functional medicine. Her biggest challenge of 2020 was transferring to telemedicine, stating it was a challenge diagnosing and treating patients without an in-person physical exam. However, she was able to successfully make this transition by studying telemedicine pearls and learning from her colleagues.

You can find Dr. Santana on Instagram @rockstarNPs and @soulofsantana, and on Facebook @rockstarNPs.

DNPs of Color (DOC)

DNP’s of Color, created by Dr. Danielle McCamey a Nurse Practitioner in Alexandria, Virginia was awarded the silver badge for “Ones to Watch”. DNP’s of Color is a 501c3 organization nonprofit nursing organization, whose mission is to increase diversity in doctoral studies, clinical practice, and leadership for nurses. DNP is short for Doctor of Nursing Practice, and is the highest level of education a nurse can attain which focuses on implementing research into clinical practice. DNP’s influence healthcare outcomes through healthcare policy, organizational leadership, and translating nursing research into evidence-based practice. DNP’s of Color is a community for networking, mentoring, professional development, and education. Their biggest challenge in 2020 they had to delay their initial launch because of the pandemic. As a result, they had to scale back on some of the initiatives they had planned for the year. This spring, they will be moving from a social media group to a membership based organization.

You can find them on Instagram and Twitter @docdnps

Eric Taylor, MSN, FNP-C

Pryority Male LLC is a service created by Men’s Health Nurse Practitioner Eric Taylor in Houston, TX. Pryority Male was awarded the silver badge for “Ones to watch” in 2020, for its value to men’s health through preventative education, motivational wellness, and healthcare navigation. Their mission is to provide patients with the best comprehensive medical care throughout all phases of life. They strive to provide high quality, efficient, and cost-effective care while meeting the needs of their patients during times of health and during times of illness. Their vision is to be the men’s health provider of choice in the community they serve, while delivering the healthcare they expect for their own family members. Their purpose is to motivate men to live happier and healthier lives by bringing awareness to preventable health problems. Pryority Male’s biggest challenge in 2020 was utilizing technology and virtual spaces to continue caring for patients during the pandemic.

You can find this service on Instagram and Twitter @Pryority_Male and Facebook and Youtube @PryorityMale

Vanessa Kepler, DNP, FNP

Dose of Support was awarded the “Ones to Watch” silver badge for its interdisciplinary healthcare podcast. This podcast was created in 2020 by Dr. Vanessa Kepler in Minneapolis, MN. Their motto is “we could all use some self-care in healthcare”. The content is created from the stories they hear from practice and geared to elevate voices from all professions in healthcare, with thoughtful self-care discussions. They were saddened to see systematic inequities that caused immense suffering for healthcare workers and patients. The Dose of Support podcast became a platform for healthcare workers to share their stories and hopefully find some self-care.

You can find them on social media @doseofsupport

High Yield Med Reviews was founded by Dr. Anthony Busti in San Antonio, TX. This is a premier provider of online educational content that is passionate about helping healthcare providers learn for true understanding. They are passionate about educating the nurse practitioner community, especially in the areas of pharmacology and therapeutics. They honor NP’s and their responsibility to have prescriptive authority and their pursuit of providing patient care. Their affordable Advanced Pharmacology and Therapeutics course helps prepare NP students for their licensure exam, as well as clinical practice through lectures, eBooks, and practice questions. Their biggest challenge of 2020 was the influx of students shifting to online learning, so more students were needing online and flexible study tools. High Yield Med Reviews was able to step in and assist many universities, institutions, and customers as they made this pivot to provide high quality education for their students.

You can find them on Facebook @hymedreviews and Instagram @highyieldmedreviews

Brittany Winestock, DNP, FNP-BC

The Nursing Studio is an international review source that was founded by Dr. Brittany Winestock in Columbia, SC. They won a silver badge for “Among the Best” in 2020. They have served thousands of students, and provide NP’s with various tactics for board success with an incredible 99% pass rate. They provide live courses, online courses, and group reviews. They also provide tools such as review books, flashcards, videos, and more. Their biggest challenge of 2020 was shifting the business delivery to meet the needs of everyone’s various lifestyle and schedule changes. While providing a service to healthcare workers, and being a healthcare worker during the pandemic, the shift required more self-paced options as everyone’s “normal” changed. They were able to adapt to accommodate the needs of their client base.

You can find them on Facebook @TheNursingStudio and Instagram @TheNursingStudio

Additional Recipients of “The Best of 2020” Gold Badge

Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA), founded by Dr. Amelie Hollier. They were established in 1997 to meet the need for high-quality certification preparation tools for new nurse practitioners. They have equipped thousands of NP’s to pass the national certification exams and are committed to the success and professional development of NP’s.

The Secret Cocktail, founded by Mrs. Victoria Randle in 2018 after she started her own CNA school in 2015 and discovered there wasn’t enough resources for CNA school start-ups. Their goal is to empower individuals and organizations with the information necessary for them to achieve healthcare school ownership and get it done right the first time.

Piece of Wealth Financial Planning, founded by Mr. Jovan Johnson. They provide a variety of financial services, including ongoing financial planning, one-time financial planning, hourly financial planning, and project-based planning. Mr. Johnson is passionate about personal finance and providing clarity to others about the true meaning of wealth.

iHydra8, founded by Charisse Chitolie and Christine Quezada. They started their hydration business focuses on replacing and replenishing fluids and vitamins via IV, specializing in immunity boosting and hydration.

Congratulations to our 2020 “Best of” and “Ones to Watch” winners! They continue to excel in their areas of expertise and contribute positively to healthcare, despite unprecedented challenges brought by the pandemic. Do you know a practice, podcast, or organization that enhances the lifestyle or training of NP students? Email elizabeth@npstudentmagazine.com to nominate a gem today! Nominations close on November 15, 2021.

Elizabeth Francis, BSN, RN

Emergency Department registered nurse and doctoral student at Duke University, specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health and Addictions.

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