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How Wendy does life as an NP Student at Chamberlain University

NP Students

How Wendy does life as an NP Student at Chamberlain University


Meet Tathelanae “Wendy” Peveicha senior NP Student at Chamberlain University in Chicago, IL. 
Why did you choose NP school?
I want to play a bigger role in the decision-making and the continuity of care as a patient advocate. I also want to help amplify diversity in leadership, education, and mentorship. Above all, I want to be part of the solution to the primary care provider shortage that exist in our nation. The healthcare system sorely warrants access to healthcare for all. Thus, my motivation to attain advanced practice to add to the pool.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you solve it?
I have had two Achilles surgeries and I am still recovering while pressing forward in the program. Although it has been difficult to balance school and work, manage everything by breaking down my work or tasks into blocks then tackling difficult things first makes the world of difference.

What’s your favorite APP or resource for NP school?
I have a plethora but since I have to choose one it would be Coverage Search. It is like GoodRx but better equipped to access coverage information for medications by insurance companies including medicare and medicaid. It also provides alternative and afforadable medication options to meet your patients needs. 

What do you do to unwind? There are a variety of things I do to escape and free my mind. For one, I love to travel and have not been able to do so since I started the program. I am also a bourbon connoisseur and as a hobby love to taste and collect different bourbons. Other times, I may read, watch Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Movies like Lord of the Rings, Stars Wars- something mindless to calm my mind. And there are times when my husband, Gregg and I check out different restaurants and cuisines because we are foodies. 

Everyone has fears. What is your greatest concern about transitioning from RN to NP?
Acclimating into the provider role of decision-making on patient care. It’s a greater accountability of time and care. I’m sure it is normal to have doubts which is why I practice giving myself grace to affirm my confidence as I grow into this role. This eases the pressures of expectations while learning. 

What is your go-to song when you’re feeling stressed or just want to wine down ? What makes this song so special?
“Dirt off your shoulders” by Jay Z is my go-to especially when I need gym therapy to reduce stress. Did you know that finding the right gym is just as important as your go-to music? Both can really give you that kick you need to comeback with grit! It’s paramount for me to protect my mental space so I’m very cognizant who I allow into that space- VERY important!