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How to talk to your doctor: Top 8 questions to ask at your next medical visit

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How to talk to your doctor: Top 8 questions to ask at your next medical visit


When we go to buy a new device, appliance, or vehicle, we typically have a list of questions that we must get answered before closing the deal on that purchase. Yet, for those of us that do visit the doctor, at least annually for a physical examination, we show up unprepared, anxious, and without any clue as to what questions or concerns we should have for this visit. Unfortunately, we men put more thought and time into what we are going to eat or drink while watching televised sports than we do when it comes to our visit to the doctor. It’s scientifically proven that women are three times more likely to visit the doctor than us men, and we men know that women know how to cross exam the doctor like he’s on trial for murder.

So, where and how do you start the conversation with your doctor at your next annual visit? Like most people nowadays, we get our quick medical consult from Dr. Google. By typing in a few keywords or symptoms into the google search box, and magically we have arrived at a diagnosis. Now, the accuracy of that information should always be received with a raised eyebrow, given that any fool can upload realistic-looking fake medical information to google. I wish I could say that this is the case, but unfortunately, a lot of people run with the first batch of information provided by their quick google search, which can be the quickest way to the grave.

Before I delve into how to engage your doctor in fruitful medical dialogue, check out this extensive list of questions to ask your doctor outlined by The Cleveland Clinic. I also encourage men, including myself, to invest the same amount of time and energy that we devote to social media updates into being engaged in your medical visit and involved in your annual physical exam.

Your date with medical destiny is tomorrow. Now what should you bring to this visit and what questions should you ask?

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Eric Taylor, NP

Eric is a Men’s Health & Wellness Expert and CEO of Pryority Male LLC, where he’s motivating, educating, and helping men navigate their way to wellness. Follow him on Instagram & Twitter @Pryority_Male, Facebook & YouTube @PryorityMale, and visit him at www.pryoritymalellc.com

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