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Autonomy as an NP with Shane Grindle

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Autonomy as an NP with Shane Grindle


Meet Shane Grindle, FNP-C! Shane is the CEO of Integrative Med Group, author of The Nurse Practitioner’s First Year: A Guidebook, professor of nursing students, and CEO of FNP University. He has been practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner for the last two years. He is dedicated to the education of students and providing access to affordable healthcare in the greater Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. Shane began his career at the Mayo Clinic in Heart Transplant Cardiology and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in cardiac transplant and intensive care. He is also certified by the AANP in obesity medicine.

Shane is one of Florida’s first autonomous NP’s and clinic owners. Integrative Med Group is a primary care clinic in Jacksonville, Florida that provides various holistic healthcare options. Integrative Med offers a variety of services, such as: men’s health, family planning, women’s health, hormone replacement, weight loss, chronic disease management, and IV hydration. At Integrative Med Group, he uses the benefits of Direct Primary Care (DPC), which allows him to provide options for healthcare for underserved communities. This method allows his patients to save thousands of dollars per year in healthcare costs. Shane explains DPC: “Imagine a service like Netflix where you can access an unlimited media library for one flat fee. With DPC I take that concept a step further and apply unlimited to your office visits, add on a discounted or free medication program, and then provide a robust tele-health platform all for one flat investment.” He offers in office, home visits, and virtual visits starting at $69 per month, which gives each patients unlimited access to him as their provider. There are no co-pays or deductibles with these flat fees.

“Our team looks for holistic alternatives that avoid a pill-based solution as the only answer. We combine traditional medicine with alternative therapies to accommodate all preferences in your healthcare.”

Shane’s book about his journey, titled “The Nurse Practitioner’s First Year: A Guidebook”, was published in October 2020. The guide contains first hand experience about how to tackle your first year as an NP and all the challenges that come with it. It aims to answer the questions and concerns of new NP’s and NP students that provides hope and support. The guidebook includes: insight into what’s next after boards, how to manage stress, maintaining relationships with colleagues, tips and advice for your first year, and how to be the best. His book has an impressive 4.6 star rating on Amazon with glowing reviews about how it is a “must read for NP’s” and describes how it is “helpful and knowledgeable”.

Shane suggests that every NP student and new NP graduate should be up to date on the latest evidence-based research in order to provide the best care to their patients. He also emphasizes the vast opportunities to be autonomous when you become an NP, whether it is writing a book, starting your own clinic, or starting your own business. His last piece of advice: Medicine is a team sport. Ask questions, and be helpful!

Elizabeth Francis, BSN, RN

Emergency Department registered nurse and doctoral student at Duke University, specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health and Addictions.

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