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If I only knew then that positioning is the keynote to success

Advocacy Letter from the Editor

If I only knew then that positioning is the keynote to success


If I only knew then that positioning is the keynote to success.   

Are you familiar with the controversy behind Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign?  Reportedly, this inspirational slogan was tweaked, from the last words of a notorious murderer, as a marketing executive’s attempt to resurrect a dying shoe company.   

As the provider of choice in the U.S. health care system, Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are uniquely positioned to resurrect a dying nation. I hope, from reading If I Only Knew Then on fear, that you recognized fear as a product of internal and external controversies. However, there comes a time when choosing to live in fear no longer serves you as one who is equipped to be a conduit between the community and the solution. 

How can you position yourself to solve the chaos in healthcare?

•   Serve on a local board. 

•   Increase awareness about a health issue that resonates with you. 

•   Implement a new project at your practice. 

•   Become a more resourceful leader to your team. 

Today, Nike is one of the top athletic brands. Who would have thought that something so controversial would redefine a shoe company into a universal brand beyond sports? Now imagine what you could do to redefine health care.

History has taught us that everyone has had their fair share of challenges with fear. For this reason, understand that you are not alone. It is better to do it afraid than to not do it at all. I remember how terrified I was when I implemented my scholarly project on the unification of Georgia APRNS. Luckily, I made connections with my local Representative which open the door to the opportunity to share my concerns regarding the barriers to care for Georgians to more legislators.

What if I stopped this journey prematurely because of my fear of being declined? What if I had stopped this journey because of intimidation from various parties? It takes courage to stand your position in the face of controversy. My advice is that you approach everything with a “What if it goes right” mentality to avoid disqualifying yourself from being the change agent that you are.

January 2018 Georgia State Capitol, Appropriations Room

As you prepare for 2020, the year of the nurse, work towards aligning yourself to be in the proper position to elevate your practice, your community, and the nursing profession.  Understand that controversies are inevitable when it comes to change, and that change does not have to take place globally to have an impact. I challenge you to move beyond your fears and get in position! Just Do It!

Patrice Little, DNP, FNP-BC

I am an author, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Founder/CEO of NP Student, — dedicated to keeping you "in the know" in every aspect of your life in and out of school. I am candid about my wins and regrets and share these stories so you can learn from my, always revealing something new life. Contact me at editor@npstudentmagazine.com

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