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If I only knew then: 10 questions everyone should ask when confronting their fears

Letter from the Editor

If I only knew then: 10 questions everyone should ask when confronting their fears


If I only knew then that fear was my greatest enemy and the antidote to fear is to go all in. 

Last week, I completed a writing project that I almost sabotaged because of fear. Somehow, I dreaded the process instead of enjoying the journey. Every time I sat down to type, my heart would race, and negative thoughts would seep in like toxins into a river. I would ask myself, “Suppose they do not like what I have to say” or “what if they like it and ask me to do it again?” While some may think I should have grown past these feelings as a nurse leader, these feelings are my reality and many nurses become paralyzed with fear.  

Have you recently been invited to participate in a project and struggle with execution because of fear?   

This Fall I encourage you to be one with the season and attack your fears by shifting your thoughts. Understand that the desire to be perfect, fear of making a mistake,  is part of the imposter syndrome. 

Ask yourself these few questions:

1.   What am I afraid of? 

2.   What are the chances of it happening?

3.   If it happens, can I handle the outcome?

4.   What’s the best that could happen?

5.   Am I putting the pressure on myself?

6.   How long have I been waiting for this opportunity?

7.   If I had no fear, do I have what it (tools, knowledge, resources) takes to get it done?

8.   Am I open to ask my resource for help?

9.   Is what I am feeling a reflection of someone’s negative opinion of me?

10.    How did I get through my fears the last time I felt this way?

Patrice Little, DNP, FNP-BC

I am an author, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Founder/CEO of NP Student, — dedicated to keeping you "in the know" in every aspect of your life in and out of school. I am candid about my wins and regrets and share these stories so you can learn from my, always revealing something new life. Contact me at editor@npstudentmagazine.com

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