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The Great Year is Here!

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The Great Year is Here!


After a year of intentionality, with a few pivots, it is time to anticipate the best possible outcome for 2022. 
The Great Year is here! 
For the past two years, we were forced to be “socially distant” not understanding what this tower moment was going to reveal in our individual lives. Did you notice how this distance illuminated how distant we already were from each other? Did you also notice, it created an opportunity for us to reclaim our power individually? 
By the end of 2020, we realized that this pause was going to stick around for some time, and refocusing our intent in life, relationships, and business was the next best thing to do to keep our minds off of the chaos. We also discovered how much power we lost living up to social constructs in the pre-pandemic! Why? The loneliness that comes with getting in touch with ourselves to (just be) live authentically instead of subscribing to a traditional path was scary. I can assure you that alone time does not have to equal to loneliness. 

I learned that when it comes to just being, you have to trust that being alone or in some instances hidden, is part of the refinement process and you will shine once it’s complete. You have to trust that clarity and strength come out of darkness and from pressure, respectively. You have to trust that what you are bringing into the new year is a continuation of what you’ve already started. This is why I challenge those who are still unsure of their next steps in life to reclaim their power in just being. Simply, once you become great at being you everything that is an extension of you divinely falls into place. This includes NP school! 
Five things to do to get started in reclaiming your power: 

Patrice Little, DNP, FNP-BC

I am an author, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Founder/CEO of NP Student, — dedicated to keeping you "in the know" in every aspect of your life in and out of school. I am candid about my wins and regrets and share these stories so you can learn from my, always revealing something new life. Contact me at editor@npstudentmagazine.com

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