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Passing NP Boards with Latrina Walden

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Passing NP Boards with Latrina Walden


Latrina Walden, MHA, MSN, FNP-C, FNP-BC is a Nurse Practitioner, professor, and entrepeneur. Long before she became an NP, she serve as a Professor and always passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She founded Latrina Walden Exam Solutions to help guide NPs through their transition from being a Registered Nurse to becoming an NP.

What inspired you to start your business? “As I was studying for my NP certification, I saw a disconnect. The available test prep was way too expensive or way too much information that overwhelmed students. There had to be a better way of doing things, so with my teaching background in hand, I stepped in, in hopes of filling in the gap. At LWES, we teach students the important piece – how to take these exams in addition to all of the information that they need to know for the exam. We like to say school is the hard part. If you can get through midterms, clinic rotations, nonstop homework – applying the information to pass boards SHOULD be the easy part. But it’s not? AANP and ANCC report that only 82-84% of students pass boards on their first try while the others struggle with the application of all the information they got in school. So again, this is where I come in and fill in that gap. I can’t take the test for them, but I can show students the blueprint on how to effectively study, as well as present difficult content in an easy-to-digest manner. We also provide support and encouragement along the way – something many of us didn’t have while preparing for boards. So in the end, the students come out of our program officially certified and surrounded by a community of nurses who treat them like family.”

What sets your organization apart from the others? What are you most proud of as the owner? “LWES is approachable. I know this is usually where everyone says, “our customer service”, but it’s very underestimated how alone nurses feel in this process. The way our team has curated a space to truly walk with students through school, graduation, test prep, certification, getting a job, their first year on that job, etc., is a rarity and something we hope to continue to develop. As the owner, I am most proud of the supportive community that has come out of what was once a simple test prep idea. Having trusted colleagues during my time of preparing for boards was a game changer! The internet allows us to connect with nurses all over the world – and we’ve done exactly that. With a combined 28K members in our NP Facebook groups, as well as our new private space The NP Collective where we are developing our next industry leaders, I am very proud to share a space with these amazing nurses that are working towards a brighter future. Support is a verb!”

How does an NP entrepreneur who may not see the immediate results of a new business prepare for the growth? “I would suggest they stay the course. If they truly are providing a solution to an NP or nurse need, then stay the course. But this also means preparing and acting like you have a business. I.e. proper systems and processes as well. No one wants to Venmo or Cash App you payments. But this also means that you may need to pay for the mentorship or professional development. My background is in business. I’ve been a nursing home administrator and administrator of various organizations – the numbers, systems and processes are where I am comfortable. But if you do not know how to do that inherently, get help. And lastly, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Ask your audience what they want or need. They will tell you and develop accordingly. Here at LWES we do not provide a service that was not asked for.”

What was the biggest challenge you faced with launching your business? What steps did you take to propel forward? “I think realizing how much opportunity for improvement there is in the overall nursing education industry has been overwhelming. We are continuously brainstorming and coming up with ideas on how to better serve our students, but little gets done when you’re trying to do everything. So in order to propel forward, we simply asked for help. We now not only have a team that individually is great at what they do, but we have an immense network of support that all share our common goal.”

At NP Student, we understand that many lessons are revealed as one takes risks to start a business. For this reason, we ask all of our guests to complete this statement, “If I only knew then…” to encourage readers that growth comes from learning from one’s mistakes. “If I only knew then to just jump! This process has not been easy and there are more times than I’d like to admit where I didn’t feel like the right person to be doing all of this.. But then I jumped into this online teaching space and realized how natural it felt (because I’ve been teaching for over 15 years), I jumped into this CEO position and realized how natural it felt (because I’ve been in numerous management and administrator positions). Just jump – chances are you’re much better prepared for whatever risks you’re scared of taking than you think.”

Latrina offers live and on-demand study reviews and courses that are fun and engaging. Her signature methods have proven to help candidates remember everything they need to know.

Latrina Walden and the products and services offered here are in no way sponsored or approved by, or affiliated with, Walden University.

Elizabeth Francis, BSN, RN

Emergency Department registered nurse and doctoral student at Duke University, specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health and Addictions.

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