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Nurse 4 Ever Fit™ with Victoria Randle, MSN, FNP-BC and Cara Sevier, BSN, RN

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Nurse 4 Ever Fit™ with Victoria Randle, MSN, FNP-BC and Cara Sevier, BSN, RN


Nurses are a population within a population. As the heartbeat of the health care system, nurses educate, advocate, care, and nurture the community. Unfortunately, many nurses who take the time to care for others endure challenges with caring for themselves. Further, there is a consensus that the health of our nation is also a reflection of our providers who find a hard time making health a priority. Nurses 4 Ever Fit™ is the newest initiative designed to inspire nurses to become role models for the community and we had the opportunity to speak with the dynamic duo behind this movement.

What’s your mission?

Nurses 4 Ever Fit is a wellness advocacy for nurses by nurses.

What sets your organization apart from the others? What are you most proud of as the owner?

We are a nurse driven initiative that focuses on the health and wellbeing of all nurses. We are giving back to our nurse community. I must say my most proud moment for Nurses 4 Ever Fit was our Nurses Week Event. We were able to partner with the Georgia Nurses Association ( a major state recognized nursing organization) to provide a nurses week event like no other! We brought wellness vendors together, massage therapist, and a yoga instructor our for nurses to be able to engage with. We also provided participants with a continuing education opportunity. We had a guest speaker who facilitated a workshop on wellness. It was phenomenal and an unexplainable feeling! All the nurses who attended were amazed at the amount of resources provided at their fingertips in celebration of them!

How does an NP entrepreneur who may not see the immediate results of a new business prepare for the growth?

You have to continually think big, stay organized, and claim growth! You must believe it even when you don’t see it. Take interest in what larger organizations are doing to stay relevant. Be open to putting a twist on strategies you’ve learn from those organizations to make it work for your business. Only two people attended are second wellness event; We remained strong and keep pushing. By our 4th event, we had over 40 participants! We weren’t surprised about the turnout. We were confident in the power of our movement and still do believe in this power. Now, we are anticipating the day we will have 100 participants and traveling to spread the joy of nurse self-care! We are speaking it into existence and preparing for the day.

What was the biggest challenge you faced with launching your business? What steps did you take to propel forward?

Victoria: The biggest challenge is usually finding a business partner that you can trust, matches your intensity, and respects you as you respect them. Cara Sevier RN is my business partner in this venture. I think we both decided this was a good fit for the both of us because we were able to assess each other from a place of business. We met when I was interviewed on her Not Just Nursing Show and I was running for the House Of Representatives. We continue to follow each other’s movement and continued to meet at business functions. Getting a feel for the way each other operates in not just business but also personal life lead us to feel that our partnership was one that can flourish. We respect each others’ thoughts and opinions. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye but we find a way to compromise like in any relationship. Many people do go into business without any help for fear of the partnership failing. I personally was always scared of a partner. I have to say that collaborating with Cara in this endeavor was one of the best decisions I could have ever made.

At NP Student, we understand that many lessons are revealed as one takes risks in starting a business. For this reason, we ask all of our guests to complete this statement, “If I only knew then…” to encourage readers that growth comes from learning from one’s mistakes.

Victoria: If I only knew then to just ask rather than be timid, my prior business endeavors would have grown much faster.

Cara: If I only knew that understanding keywords related to our website content and images helped people find us better, we would have implemented those strategies earlier.

Patrice Little, DNP, FNP-BC

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