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If I only knew then: My gift for gab

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If I only knew then: My gift for gab


If I only knew then that my gift for gab and making connections would make room for me as an NP.  

A year had not passed before I considered clinical practice to be mundane. I kept feeling like something was wrong with me or missing from my day-to-day routine.  For the next four years,  I continued to work believing that there was more to the NP role than what was conceptualized in school. Is this you? 

Let’s admit, being an NP allows us to autonomously provide comprehensive care for our patients. This role, as a bonus, also affords us the lifestyle most Americans desire!  However, is it possible to become so comfortable with a routine that you ignore your gifts or natural abilities to do more?

For starters, your gift is organic, often recognized and pointed out by others before you give it any consideration.  Once discovered, you can use your gifts to enhance your practice or solve a clinical problem. However, there is little time to explore and utilize these gifts in NP school. What does one do with their gifts? 

Last year I took a break to explore my strengths and weakness as Patrice, not an NP.  I rallied my closest friends and mentors to hear the truth about me. Ah ha!  I accepted that I was gifted in serving as a resource, exhorting others, and coordinating just about anything from a curriculum to a panel discussion. All of which takes gab!  This was a gift I ignored because I could not find a place for it in the NP profession. This was a gift I tried to hide and in no way, felt that I had to leave this awesome profession to use it. 

If I only knew then that it was okay to create a platform that I could not find because others were waiting on me. Is there more to you? Sometimes that more is writing a book, starting a podcast, opening a clinic, or doing research. Whatever it is, people are waiting on you. Are you ready?

Here are some things to consider when applying your gifts to the NP profession:

  1. Growth requires change and many people are too busy trying to be in a position of power instead of being one of influence.
  2. Evaluate yourself to identify areas that require growth.
  3. Allow yourself to be planted to perfect your gift.
  4. Serve first, Lead second.
  5. Ignore the hype of being everywhere, with everyone, all the time, doing everything.

Prior to NP Student Magazine, I used my gifts to serve in my community. Today, I am happy I listened to that voice because if I had ignored it, you would not be reading this now. Thank you to those who have helped me grow, and thank you, readers, for allowing me to serve you!

Patrice Little, DNP, FNP-BC

I am an author, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Founder/CEO of NP Student, — dedicated to keeping you "in the know" in every aspect of your life in and out of school. I am candid about my wins and regrets and share these stories so you can learn from my, always revealing something new life. Contact me at editor@npstudentmagazine.com

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