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Dying To Live: Top 10 places men visit more frequently than the doctor

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Dying To Live: Top 10 places men visit more frequently than the doctor


Young boys are taught at a very early age to be tough, suck it up, and show little emotion or weakness.

It is these learned behaviors that embody a spirit of invincibility, that eventually leads to the early down fall of men due to this false sense of health and wellness, which sadly, leads to many of us having to die for some of us to live! The diagnostic conclusion is usually made from a quick google search of the current symptoms and/or from a brief barbershop conversation with a comparison of one’s health to that of your closest male friend, family member, or current barber.

 This thinking is by far the most dangerous way of managing your health, which places you at the disadvantage of being reactive to changes in your symptoms, rather than taking a proactive approach to manage your current symptoms before they lead to a decline in health.

Current statistics from the Centers of Disease Control on men’s health and well-being identified the following:

  • 48% of men do not regularly engage in physical activity
  • 34.5% of men are obese (Body Mass Index > 30)
  • 31.6% have 5 or more alcoholic beverages in one day at least once in the past year
  • 32.6% have hypertension (High Blood Pressure) 
  • 17.8% smoke tobacco 
  • 11.8% of men younger than 65 years old don’t have health insurance
  • 12.4% rate their overall health as fair or poor
  • Leading causes of death: 
    • Heart Disease 
    • Cancer
    • Accidents (unintentional injuries)

Despite these statistics, most of us feel that we are confidently in touch with our bodies and that we will know when something is going wrong, yet for the most part we live by the old age axiom “out of sight, out of mind”. 

Preventive care is the foundation for building a life of quality and quantity by taking a proactive approach in managing common health conditions. However, we typically take better care of our 2 and 4 wheeled vehicles than we do these 2 precious legs on which we can’t just stroll down to the local auto parts store to purchase spare parts for.

So why are men not going to the doctor? 

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Fear of being considered weak / vulnerable
  • Stubborn; not willing to change

So where are men going instead of visiting the doctor? In my unofficial non-scientific transparent, tried, and true survey, I found that men “I know” visit the following top 10 places, in no specific order, more than they would ever consider gracing the threshold of a provider’s office:

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Eric Taylor, NP

Eric is a Men’s Health & Wellness Expert and CEO of Pryority Male LLC, where he’s motivating, educating, and helping men navigate their way to wellness. Follow him on Instagram & Twitter @Pryority_Male, Facebook & YouTube @PryorityMale, and visit him at www.pryoritymalellc.com

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