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7 Steps to Mastering Emotions with Janie Charlot

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7 Steps to Mastering Emotions with Janie Charlot


Meet Janie Charlot, Family Nurse Practitioner, CEO, podcaster, and author! She is certified in obesity treatment and management in primary care. She is the CEO of Health and Weight Loss Clinic, which is on a mission to provide communities with the necessary tools, education, coaching, and plans to gain and maintain a life of good health and balance. Janie recently embarked on a journey of writing a new book that was recently published, titled “7 Steps to Mastering Emotions”. This book gives seven steps that are important in mastering your emotions and getting the best out of life. It has an impressive 4.7/5 star rating average on Amazon.

Janie’s new book is written for all people, no matter their culture, age, ethnicity, or gender. It is for anyone who is ready to tap into their emotions to find out who they really are and live the life they were put on this earth to live. Janie believes that with writing this book, her nursing career truly came full circle. Everything she had ever learned in regards to love, compassion, and empathy as a nurse was truly channeled along with some spiritual downloads for the manifestation of this book. She says that she had no challenges in getting inspiration for writing the book because she “allowed the loving spirit to rise within me to receive the messages put within this book.” Most of Janie’s challenges came as an independent publisher. However, those challenges were quickly overcome with diligence, patience, and knowing that this book held a message for the masses. With the knowledge gained, she am in the process of starting a publishing company of her own. She states this publishing company is “inspired for those writing with an inspired message from the Most High Creator but just don’t know how to get it out. We will help them get it out!”

Readers will learn self-mastery after they finish 7 Steps to Mastering Emotions. Janie says, “This book is a power tool! Everything we can already see manifested in our lives- we actually created it! We are creating with our thoughts whether we are conscious of it or not. Our thoughts are creating our feelings (emotions). Our feelings are creating our words. Our words are creating our actions. Our actions are creating our patterns. Our patterns are creating our lives. This book gives 7 steps that are key to mastering emotions and getting the best out of life. Mastery of these steps will lead to a life of freedom and empowerment!”

The services she offers in alignment with her book are through her clinic and health coaching career. She offers transformational coaching and weight management as an FNP. This coaching focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual health of her clients. Whether you are needing coaching to get in alignment with your life goals, or weight management treatment, this book is an important tool for both. Janie states, “Our emotions are here to help us feel alive and to help us discover who we really are. By tapping in, we unlock the mysteries to both our greatest pains and our most rewarding purposes. Suppressed emotions can lead to weight gain, chronic illnesses, fatigue, and a whole list of medical issues. This book helps us connect it all!”

You can find 7 Steps to Mastering Emotions on Amazon and on her website.

Elizabeth Francis, BSN, RN

Emergency Department registered nurse and doctoral student at Duke University, specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health and Addictions.

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