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Contributor Guidelines

NP Student Magazine (NPSM) is a digital lifestyle source dedicated to keeping NPs updated in every aspect of their life in and out of school. We meet this mission with our editorials and professional development.

We take pride in being the first nursing publication to feature live stream videos and have real-time engagement on social media platforms helping our Next-Generation Nurse Practitioners (NexGenNPs) live in harmony.
We are currently accepting submissions from all levels of nursing and also welcome stories from other disciplines to submit editorials that benefit our audience.

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting editorials.

  • NPSM accepts original content that has not been previously published (blogs, newsletters, journals, magazines, books) works. This excludes our syndicated bloggers and press releases.
  • Our editorials are written in an informal but informative and respectful manner answering questions such as:
    • What should every NP student know?
    • How can this information help NPs manage life as they progress through the program and transition into the profession?
      Note: NPSM is not a peer-reviewed publication and discourages usage of footnotes.
  • We follow the Chicago Manual of Style in all matters related to punctuation and grammar.
  • Please include the location (city and state) of any institutions (NP schools) or organizations cited in all articles.
  • Please include the professional and educational credentials of any person cited in the following format on the first usage only e.g., John Doe, RN, BSN, MPH (degree, certification)
  • Our preferred length for short articles is 750-1000 words. Feature articles should not exceed 1,500 words. Publication of articles is subject to NPSM’s editorial staff. Articles with limited errors and relevant content have a higher success of being published.
  • Please use Helvetica font type for all articles and submit in Word document (.doc) via e-mail to editor@npstudentmagazine.com as an attachment with email subject line: Article from (your name)
  • We like to use publication-quality photos (jpg file) that illustrate feature articles. Please ask interviewees to send photos of themselves via e-mail to editor@npstudentmagazine.com. In email subject line (e.g. Re: 10 ways to keep your lamp lit with Florence Nightingale).
  • We are especially partial to “action shots,” such as patient interactions, participation in white coat ceremonies, health fairs, community health events, etc. (e.g. What’s Behind a White Coat?)
  • All contributors should include a one- to two-sentence biography with articles they have submitted.
  • We are always in publication and have discontinued our online flip issue. You are welcome to contribute once, weekly, biweekly or quarterly. Contributors who contribute weekly will be featured in our monthly newsletter. The deadline for submissions to be included in our newsletters is the 15th of each month.
  • If you elect to feature a series, we advise that you publish monthly to keep our readers engaged.
  • First rights are granted to Nurses as Writers Interns (NAWI) only. All editorials are categorized under reprint and electronic rights.

Theme List may incorporate interviews and profiles for the following topics:

  • NP School
  • Faculty’s Corner
  • Business & Finances
  • Health & Wellness
  • Veteran’s Corner


Topics that focus on unique issues of the NP student experience are more likely to be viewed. Check out our most engaged articles below to give you a better idea of what we publish.