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NP StudentĀ® Magazine (NPSM) is the premier digital lifestyle and educational resource for Nurse Practitioner (NP) students. Since 2018, we have solely dedicated our time to keeping NPs updated with every aspect of their lives in and out of school.  We believe in highlighting extraordinary lives and linking students to resources to help them dominate their learning experiences. NPSM is the first platform to offer curated content to help NP students throughout their lifecycle.

Our Mission

We exist to build future NPs in life, career, and business.  

Our Vision

To be the go-to resource for Nurse Practitioner students globally.

Our Values

Core Values to T.H.R.I.V.E. in Healthcare

  1. We believe in Teamwork because we succeed together. 
  2. We believe in having a Heart for each other. 
  3. We believe in being Resourceful to our community. 
  4. We believe in upholding Integrity as partners in health.  
  5. We translate Vision into reality as leaders in healthcare. 
  6. We continuously Encourage our profession to strive for excellence.

Students today, practitioners tomorrow, & leaders for a lifetime

Photo: Dr. Patrice Faye Little
Dr. Patrice Faye Little

Meet the Founder

Hi! I am Dr. Patrice Faye Little but some students call me “Doc P.” I was born in New Haven, CT and my family is from the beautiful island of Jamaica. Being a first-generation American came with the pressure to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. I was on track to becoming a physician and then I met a special person at Georgia Southwestern’s Student Health Center who introduced me to the Nurse Practitioner profession. My journey to becoming an NP was non-traditional, and I also had some personal challenges which made it hard for me to focus in school. Fortunately, I had mentors who helped me navigate life so I could complete the program. Today, I have been a nurse for 13 years and spent the last eights years working as Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Correctional Health and Ophthalmology.

I have always used my gift of communication to inspire. And while completing my scholarly project, I noticed a media opportunity to inspire future NPs in life, career, and business. After all, with all the claims that NPs are the Primary Care Provider of Choice, why wasn’t there a platform solely dedicated to support NP students? With the push for full-practice authority, why wasn’t there a platform solely dedicated to provide mentorship to NP graduates? The future of Primary Care is in the hearts of NP students and NP Student Magazine is the perfect synergy of mentorship, innovation, and media to inspire the next generation of nurse practitioners (NEXGENNPs).

I received my DNP from Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University, my MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner from Brenau University, BS in Biology/Pre-Medicine and BS in Nursing from Georgia Southwestern State University. I have been serving on the Parent Advisory Board for Atlanta Parent Magazine for five years and the Medical Advisory Board for the International Topical Steroid Addiction Network (ITSAN) for three years. I have contributed to various publications and I’m most proud of contributing to Hassmiller and Puccini’s Advanced Practice Nursing Leadership: A Global Perspective textbook. In my spare time, I love writing, running road races, and freestyle dancing with my hubby and two children on Friday nights.


Elizabeth Francis
Elizabeth Francis, BSN, RN

Elizabeth Francis

Editor-in-Chief Intern

A second-year NP/DNP student at Duke University and will be serving as Spring 2021 Editor-in-Chief Intern. She brings a wealth of editing and writing experiences from the Cox College’s Academic Resources Center Writing Lab to NP Student Mag. She will be working closely with Dr. Little. 

You can reach Elizabeth at elizabeth@npstudentmagazine.com
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-francis-b1a43a154/

Jason Cadogan

Marketing Director

You can reach Jason at jason@npstudentmagazine.com 
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-cadogan-531b6bb0/detail/background-image/

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