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What Is NP Student University?

NP Student University is an online membership that helps NP students with  their core education: advance physical assessment, diagnosing, and prescribing.

The membership includes instrumental activities such as:

  • Weekly live sessions (Q & A and Expert Trainings)
  • Support with personal and professional development
  • Support with Doctoral Project Development
  • Discounts to NP Student Magazine Flip Issues and special events, High-yield Med Reviews’ pharmacy courses, and preceptorship placement.
  • Affiliate marketing opportunities and more! 

Want to learn more before you enroll? Click here to register for one of our virtual open houses.

Enroll Now in NP Student University

What makes NPU the right fit for you?

“Dr. Little has provided encouragement, guidance and resources that are invaluable to me for the past few semesters. She has been available as a listening ear with sound advice and is always pleasant to speak with. I would recommend any student who is willing to learn through firsthand testimony participate in the program as well. She truly has a wealth of knowledge.”

Marsha, Simmons University, Class of 2020

“Dr. Little cultivates confidence and inspiration every time I talk to her. I have grown and found understanding in my transition from an RN to an NP student (and now an NP!) through her guidance. She is full of energy and positivity and brings that to everything she endeavors including coaching.”

Sandy, Jackson State University, Class of 2020


Who do we serve?

We currently serve NP and DNP students online across the globe. Services for those interested in becoming an NP is available here.

Who are the instructors?

NPU instructors have been vetted for their expertise and their ability to teach real-world application as physicians, chiropractors, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners. You’ll be head of your class and more confident in meeting your practicum goals.

Do you offer contact hours for each course?

Each membership comes with access to three signature courses that have been approved for contact hours. This keeps the investment price affordable for you without minimizing the quality.

How often do you go live?

Health expert training is streamed live every Thursday evening. Daily Power Hour is now offered on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Every expert training session is recorded, so you can view on your time. This helps with retention and refresh their memory before that vital exam. This is especially valuable for non-clinical students.

How long is the program?

We have three membership options as well as drop-in rate. We encourage students to enroll for at least two semesters to get the most out of the resources before their start their preceptorship.

Do you provide resources to support with preceptorships?

We collaborate with NP Hub the leading company for preceptorship placement. If you are seeking a    preceptor we encourage you to visit their site and use the code Pat50 for $50 off your placement. Wait! There is more. We also have a step-by-step video so you can get the most out of your preceptorship also known as clinical rotations.

What does the membership entail?

Life and learning assessment, expert training.

What if I need additional help outside of the membership?

We offer 1:1 services at a discount to members. Day, night and weekend appointment options are available to accommodate your schedule. Please note the spaces are limited.

How do I get a refund?

We always want to make sure we meet your needs so email us if you have any concerns at support@npstudentmagazine.com within 10 days of your enrollment. If you attend an expert training (live or on-demand) no refund will be issued.